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UX&Service Designer

"I enjoy figuring out how to make things work better!"

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Re-designing UI and UX of Medical Mobile App

provides services for patients such as reserving, changing or canceling medical appointments, joining to waiting lists, appointment’s reminders and other services. It gathers an extensive database of physicians & medical facilities in one place.

Focusing more on enhancing the user experience and making the interface more appealing, some screens were redesigned after conducting a usability study.

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Designing a Book Sharing Mobile App: Ketabi

Most people read books once, and then they stay on the shelf and eventually get forgotten. What they can possibly do is, share the book with other readers. A cycle of exchange can keep the book alive forever. One of the reasons that hinder this book sharing is the hassle you have to go through to find an interested reader.


Ketabi engages you with people around having an interest in the same genre as you. Knowing more readers around you would result in great benefits as then you’d have a library on your fingers. Secondly, you’d also have a company to converse about a certain topic that you find intriguing.

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Designing a Landing Page to
eSkill Website

Every individual has the potential to create change, whether in their life, their community, or the world. The transformative power of education is what unlocks that potential. Yet, access to high-quality education has been a privilege of the few. From the tried and true to the leading edge. From “for some” to “for all.” By opening the classroom through online learning,

eSKILL empowers thousands of learners, in Arabic language, to unlock their potential and achieve their career goals.

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Designing an Activity Tracker App: NTracker

If you like to go out for a run, ride, hike or any adventure outside, you’ll love Ntrack. Show what it was like out there, create amazing stories and share your passion with friends! Track your rides and hikes with GPS. Add photos, Highlights and tips and build your own personal adventure log that’ll store your favorite experiences.  Save them for private use or share them with the NTrack community to receive likes and comments and to inspire fellow outdoor folks. Follow your friends and like-minded explorers to keep up with their outdoor adventures.

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Designing a Social Network Mobile App: TimeLine

TimeLine is a social network with services concentrated on communication. Aside from universal basic needs, this app intends to focus on motivating users to create content and exchange their expertise or their views of the word using a point/like system, where each member can get higher in rank the more they get interactions on their posts.

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Designing & Developing a Service Desk Portal

This project aims to create an internal portal for banking system engineering team in the IT department at the National Commercial Bank. The support assists bank employees in branches to over come technical issues they face day to day, by providing the ability resolve support tickets, keeping track of pending and unsolved issues, escalating urgent issues and collect feedback.

It is critical for team members to keep ahead of any problems, this triggered the need for a knowledge base via this portal to keep track of frequent issues and their troubleshooting steps.

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Designing a Collaborative Music Mobile App: Awtar

Awtar app is for immature musicians who are passionate about mixing and sharing their tracks. It is an online platform that provides an easy way to create and promote music anonymously. Due to the lack of a platform for independent musicians to share their talent such as singing, playing an instrument, composing or mixing by merging individual contribution to create a new piece of music.

In the music industry of even 10 years ago, it was rare to produce an entire album outside of the studio. However, ushering in a new type of musician: the bedroom producer.

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Redesigning e-Learning Website of University of Jeddah

COVID-19 has resulted in schools and universities shut all across the world. Globally, over 1.2 billion students are out of the classroom. As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of eLearning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms.


In response to significant demand, the eLearning center proposed an urgent need to upgrade its current website, to add new services, update its information architecture and improve the user experience for both instructors and students.

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